Who needs it? : A series on Earthquake Insurance Edition

Who really needs earthquake insurance?

  • Homeowners insurance doesn't cover earthquakes
  • Individuals who live in a high risk area for earthquakes (one of the high risk states is California)
  • Individuals who have large amounts of equity in the properties they own

What does Earthquake Insurance cover?

  • The cost to rebuild the structure
  • Your personal property, such as furniture, clothing and other household items
  • The cost of additional living expenses, such as alternative housing
  • Building ordinance to help bring your home’s construction up to current building code requirements

So in the event of a claim, what should I expect?

  • The earthquake insurance policy covers your dwelling up to the same limit as your homeowner’s insurance
  • Expect to pay a deductible ranging between 10%-20% percent of the dwelling limit
  • Loss of use generally does not have a deductible requirement
  • Some policies may have a separate deductible for personal property coverage

How to prepare for the BIG one

  • Start saving an emergency fund for your 10-20% deductible
  • Choose the highest possible loss of use limits, you could be out of your home for some time
  • Prepare an emergency food, clothing and basic supply stock and store it on your property
  • Have a few good contractors at your disposal, you’re going to need them

California Earthquake Authority states most people in California live within 30 miles of a fault and there are 15,700 known faults in California.

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